Standards for remanufacturing: BPW is contributing towards DIN SPEC

Repairs to high-mileage commercial vehicles in line with their current value require particularly economical spare parts. Remanufactured products, i.e. industrially reconditioned used parts, represent an attractive solution for cost-conscious customers. Up until now, there have been no binding standards for the reconditioning process. Experts from BPW Bergische Achsen KG have now contributed to a DIN SPEC that defines the process and quality requirements. Nico Scheerer, Core & Remanufacturing Manager at BPW, explains the benefits for customers.

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BPW planting campaign


trees were planted in the BPW forests within three years. Around 98% of the spruce trees had previously been damaged by the bark beetle. In order to reforest the destroyed forest in a variety of ways, 17 different types of trees were planted in six planting campaigns - including Douglas fir, larch, sessile oak, red oak and silver fir. Numerous BPW employees took part.

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